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What's happenin'?

More site problems...

Message from Abhi:


this is about the anchors and javascript thing as for some reason the
entire comment didn't show up on your site. anchors are 'stops' at
specific parts of your site which you can access via a hyperlink from
any part of your site. however, an anchor can only be accessed when
the entire page has loaded. on a slow connection (or if the person is
impatient), this may prove to be a hindrance. on the other hand, with
javascript you can manipulate the code to open the desired text in an
entirely new window giving it the looks of an entirely new page.

well that's about my two cents :). hope i didn't bore you :).



And also Martin:

ok.. i got a few things.. according to my great mate known him online for nealry 8 years( his site Mythical & Fantasy creatures).. says there maybe mis matching tags

try to change the B tag should be replaced with "strong" its the new web standard..

row 95 missing a closing font tag..

right the bold tags around the back to top links should be within the inside of the a href tags..think thats why they are causing a problem..

Thanks a bunches to my dearest friends! <3 I'm getting this solved ASAP! (Knowing me, I'll be spending like 3 entire days just trying to fix things up and then giving up for a couple of more days, and finally getting it to my satisfaction on a mere EUREKA!)

// updated on 7/08/2005 at 8:11 PM

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Fixing attempts...

I don't think I have any luck fixing the IE problem. I tried Debra's way. It worked fine in IE, but the little Blogger header thing is bunched up to the side.

I'm going to also take Martin's friend's way. And then combine both methods to see if anything works! Arrrghh!!

// updated on 6/18/2005 at 9:33 PM

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IE problem...

Apparently, my blog/site works fine with Netscape and Firefox browsers, but does not go well with Internet Explorer. You can see the lotus header and the background, but NO CONTENT! (Aargh! And I worked so hard on this blog/site too... *sigh* These things happen.)

Thanks to Martin for pointing that out. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to fix this... Anyone, any help here?

// updated on 6/14/2005 at 1:17 PM

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a) I'm pretty certain that I'm done editing the "Blog" section to my upmost liking.

b) Since yesterday, I'm still surprised that I was finally able to login to Haloscan. It was getting on my nerves all of this time, because I couldn't even login! Anyway, I finally learned how to edit the code for the comment form, so that it would match with my blog/site. Way cool.

c) Added in "Contact" sub-section to the "Talk" section

// updated on 6/13/2005 at 2:36 PM

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More accomplishments...

a) Add in "Credits" section
b) Pretty format with "Friends & Cliques" section
c) Tagboard = pretty!
d) In the process of adjusting the layout for the "Blog" section

Yay me! Whew! Stay tuned...

// updated on 6/12/2005 at 7:02 PM

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Summer sweat...

Well, since I haven't been working on this layout for so long, I've decided to work on it since yesterday. It's almost done! And I can't wait to make it as a central layout to all of my pages within my website/blog. It's a lot of work though. Whew!

Yesterday and today: edited loads of html and added graphics here and there...

Well, more updates to come! So stay tuned!

// updated on 6/11/2005 at 12:13 PM

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"Updates" section

It's finally installed and efficient. I don't know if this section would be necessary, but we'll see how it goes. If I don't like it, I can always tear it down. REVAMP! The perfectionist in me is always on the prowl.

// updated on 4/10/2005 at 5:42 PM

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© Kathy Nguyen, 2000-present.
All rights reserved, unless if noted otherwise.


© Kathy Nguyen, 2000-present.
All rights reserved, unless if noted otherwise.